Grief and Healing
  Poems Expressing Grief, Mourning And Healing After The Loss Of A Loved One  

Grief And Healing Memorial Poems

The Grief and Healing selection of poems were written to express the grief and healing process that loved ones go through. 

This website has multiple poem options.  Please click here for a link to all the poetry:  All Memorial And Funeral Poems

Please click on the individual titles below to read a few lines of each selection:  Saved From the Lonely Sea   


                    Life Is A Fragile Thing      Missing You At Christmastime


                    The Midnight Hours         I Lost Myself When I Lost You

                   You Come Back To Me       Why Didn't I Feel It?



The Compassionate Friends (non-profit organization dedicated to those who have lost a family member) also has a wonderful online grief magazine that can be subscribed to for free that is titled We Need Not Walk Alone.  To subscribe or to learn more, please click on this link:

                                               We Need Not Walk Alone



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