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This website contains a selection of best funeral poems, memorial service poems, wake reflections and bereavement prose.  These readings were meant to honor family, friends and loved ones who have passed away.  These inspirational reflections can be used as eulogy verses or memorial tributes and can be printed in a funeral program for a funeral service.  These contemporary, touching, and unique verses were authored by Jilchristy Dee

These in loving memory poems for a funeral service can be used during eulogies for a grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, mother in law, father in law, brother, sister, husband, wife, partner, son, daughter or friend who has passed away.  They can also be read by individual members of the family as a means of tribute, to express their love, sympathy, or to say goodbye.  As a rememberance, they are designed to be uplifting and a source of comfort to all who hear or read them.

Many selections include Christian and religious themes.  Others are non-religious poetry that simply expresses the deep love felt towards a grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, husband, wife, partner, brother, sister, child, family, friend or co-worker who has left this earth.  These eulogy verses aren’t simply about death and dying, they are in loving memory poems that celebrate the life and memory of a loved one who has died.  These readings were written to give expression to deep feelings of love and remembrance for grandmothers, grandfathers, parents, siblings, friend and co-workers.

It might be important to you to know that some funeral selections were written for an unexpected death, such as accidents or heart attacks or strokes.  Other poems for a funeral service were written to remember a loved one who has died following a long-term illness, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc., or simply due to natural causes after a long, full life.  There are military funeral poems about the bravery of our men and women in uniform.  There are also a few options for people seeking a suicide funeral poem.  There are also some short poems that can be read by a child or children during a funeral service that express a child's, mother’s, father’s, grandmother’s, or grandfather’s, love.

Customer testimonials describe these popular funeral poems as: “perfect”, “beautiful and eloquent”, “very fitting for the service”, “enabling us to express our deepest feelings and to share them with others”, “a real comfort”, as “expressing sincere emotion at a difficult time”, “helpful”, “a help in the healing process” and “summing up everything I have been feeling”.  These writings have already been a source of ideas, comfort and inspiration to hundreds of customers.

These poular funeral poems are uplifting and a unique and unusual way to honor the life of someone who has died and to comfort those left behind.  For those seeking a personalized poem and memorable way to thank someone you care about for the way they lived and the legacy that they left in your heart and in the hearts of others, these funeral verses and quotations can be a fitting tribute during a difficult time of loss and can be a source of comfort during the grief, mourning and healing process.

Jilchristy Dee, the author, invites you to explore this site in the hope that you might find the best poem for a funeral service or verses to assist in the grieving process and ultimately celebration phrases to remember the loving memory of family or friends.



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