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A few customer comments about this book of poems:

"Thank you so much.  These are wonderful poems.  Just what I was looking for."  - Daniel D.

"I received these last night and they have already been a help in the healing process."  - B. Macomber

"...I am very excited to have found your work and what little I have read seems to strongly reflect the feelings and ideas I look for... (to recommend)...for the needs of our service and for the families."  - Sharon F.  (from a Hospital's Community Relations Department)

"This book is full of heartwarming poems that convey how I felt.  I would highly reccomend this collection to anyone who has had a loss in their family.  The author has a talent for putting your feelings into words.  Again I reccomend this book for family and friends who need comfort during a time of loss."  - A. Taylor 

(as listed on the Customer Reviews page for Funeral Poems And Reflections - Volume I on Amazon's® website)


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