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"What Makes A Grandma Special?"

Funeral And Memorial Poem

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A few customer comments about this poem "What Makes A Grandma Special":

"Thank you very much!  This poem is so perfect for what our grandmother meant to us!"  -Nicole B.

"Thank you.  The poem is a very fitting tribute to my gran - expressed as I would like it."  -Deborah N.

"The poem has arrived safe and well, it is going to be read at my Mother-in-law's funeral on Friday by our 18 year old son...she was a special grandma.  Thanks again."  -Elaine C.


Poem Description:

This poem asks the question "What Makes A Grandma Special?"  It describes the ways a grandmother showed her love and why she is (and will always be) special to her grandchild/ grandchildren.

Phrases in the poem refer to the way the grandmother's face lit up when she saw her grandchildren, her affection and the loving things she did that will always be remembered by her grandkids.

It is a poem ideally suited to be read by teenage or older children.  It is also a great poem to be read by adults who want to honor their grandmother and the ways that she cared for them when they were younger.


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