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Purchase And Usage Terms And Conditions


Purchasing a poem from funeralpoemsandreflections.com indicates reading and agreeing to the Purchase Terms and Conditions below:

1. A poem is purchased for personal use only.

2. The purchase price is $3.50 US Dollars per poem.  The price for electronic delivery is $0.25 (US Cents).

3. Poems will be delivered in electronic format to the email listed in the payment order within 6 hours, or less, of the purchase. (Note:  They are usually sent out every 2-4 hours, but 6 hours is the maximum amount of time before the poem would be sent.)

3. The poem may be copied or replicated on a funeral or memorial program to share with mourners.

4. The poem may not be mass emailed, or replicated either electronically or in print or voice format for mass distribution.  (For example, the poem cannot be placed within an online memorial webpage.)

5.  The poem may only be used for personal use, and cannot be used for commercial or charitable activities without the express, written consent of the author.

6.  Anytime a poem is printed, the copyright information must also be listed.

7. Requests to utilize the poem, or portions of a poem for an epitaph, or for other purposes, should be submitted in writing to: jilchristy@funeralpoemsandreflections.com

8. Minor changes to a poem, such as changing the words "I" and "We" in vocal or written format are allowed. 

9.  Due to the variability of mail delivery within different email systems, the author does not assume any liability for damages due to late electronic arrival of the poem, or for any other reason.

10. Purchase of this poem indicates that you have read and agree to abide by the Purchase Terms and Conditions listed herein.

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If you have any questions or requests about these Purchase Terms and Conditions, please email:     jilchristy@funeralpoemsandreflections.com

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