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We Didn't Get To Say Goodbye


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A few lines from "We Didn't Get To Say Goodbye":


"We didn't get to say goodbye

We're devastated that you're gone

We'd've done anything to keep you here with us

Right here where you belong

We didn't know that life would take

Such an unexpected path

That you'd be separated from us so soon

Heartbreaking reality we struggle to grasp

And bitter though our losing you has been

And so profound is the pain that we bear

We're sadder still at no chance for goodbye

No final expression of our deep love and care

Yet believing that you're not too far away

That your Spirit still lingers quite near

We'll say our goodbyes in our words and our thoughts

Trusting that each one you'll hear

First, know that you are loved in the truest of ways

So deep that only our hearts can give expression

You'll be forever surrounded by our love..."


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