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Customer Testimonials


A selection of letters of appreciation and testimonials received from customers regarding the poems purchased at funeralpoemsandreflections.com:


"Thank you for the poem, it was perfect."

                               - Valerie R., US

"Thank you for your prompt response and beautiful poem."

                               - Daniel S., Lincolnshire, UK

"Dear Ms. Dee,

You have a wonderful gift. I don't know how you were able to construct such a beatiful and eloquent poem.  I am certainly not capable.  Your poem conveys everything my grandfather experienced and provides comfort to my family...thank you for enabling us to express our deepest feelings and sharing them with everyone who loved him."

                         - Tiffany S., VA, US

"Thank you so much.  It (the poem) was very fitting for the service and meant alot.  Thanks again."

                        - Amy D., MS, US

"I love your poem.  It was a real comfort to me and I thank you for it...I am finding comfort in God, friends and family and these words of yours."

                        - Stephanie K., PA, US

"Thank you, thank you. It (the poem) was so wonderful.  I wanted to personally thank you...most of all for your beautiful words...you've made this a little easier to bear."

                       - Jesse G., IL, US

"I read your poem "I'm Free" at my grandmother's funeral and your words touched everyone.  Thank you again for making your poems available, they express sincere emotion at a difficult time."

                        - Colleen M., MA, US

"Thank you.  This is for a friend who lost her husband after a two-year bout of cancer.  Thank you for your beautiful words.  This will mean a great deal to her, as she struggled to express her grief."

                       - Stacy T. IL, US

"Thanks.  I was looking for something to do at my aunt's funeral...she was a remarkable woman.  When I heard about this website, I found what I wanted to say."

                     - Alicia W., AR, US

"I really appreciate you sending it (the poem) so quickly.  The poem is perfect, it has helped us more than you know."

                     - Brynda H., US

"It (the poem) is beautiful and sums up everything I have beeen feeling since I lost my 43-year-old brother last week."

                    - Kimberly B., PA, US

"I received these last night and they have already been a help in the healing process."

                       -B. Macomber, MA., US




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