Furrows And Fields
  Funeral or Memorial Poem for a Farmer  

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Furrows And Fields


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A few lines from "Furrows and Fields":

"I spent my life in furrows and fields

Working and tilling the land

Observing the beauties created

By God's almighty hand

I have touched the richness of soil

I've born the wind and sun on my face

And I would choose this life and this land

Over any other place

A life filled with crimson-dawned mornings

When I was up to greet the sky

Days spent with family and creation

All throughout my life

I was blessed to experience each springtime

When raindrops have washed the earth clean

Where my efforts have grown into harvest..."

further along in the poem:

..."And so my life must be no different

Just like the crops that I have grown

For I am also God's child and seed

That at harvest must come home "...



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