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Creating a Custom Memorial Tribute


Feedback about Custom Memorial Tributes created exclusively by Jilchristy Dee:

"This is beautiful.  It brought tears to my eyes."

                                                        - Linda C.

"I was having a hard time selecting a prayer or poem for my 17 year old daughter’s headstone so I got online to see what was out there.  I came across Jilchristy Dee’s site; I had such a hard time selecting which one suited her best.  I contacted Jilchristy to ask her some questions & she informed me that she could custom write something special for my girl.  I had e-mailed her some pictures and a video of my daughter & we spoke later for about an hour and half; she was so specific in her questions, she listened so intently & she gave me her undivided attention she caught every detail as we spoke.  In less than 24 hours she had beautiful creation that was my daughter; I was amazed at her gifted mind & way with words.  I am so glad that I found her; she absolutely did my daughter justice and gave me peace of mind & lifted the huge weight that had been over me in trying to decide the perfect words for my daughter.  

Thank you so much Jilchristy you have a beautiful mind,

                                                          - Stacy O"


"The tribute is perfect.  I will definitely be calling you again."

                                                        - Cecile K.

"Thank you.  This says everything I wanted to say...only better!"

                                                        - Pam H.


Poems And Reflections LLC now offers a custom tribute creation service.  Creating a tribute is a simple five-step process:

1.  Jilchristy Dee will call you to discuss your thoughts and the memories you'd like to include in the tribute. 


2.  She will take this information and will create a tribute rough draft and will return it to you for your feedback, usually within 24 hours.


3.  You will provide feedback regarding the rough draft.


4.  Jilchristy will take the feedback and revise the document to create a final tribute for your approval, usually within an additional 24 hours. 


5.  Approve the final draft or indicate any final adjustments that you would like to have made to the tribute.  The tribute will then be yours to enjoy and cherish.


Tributes usually take 48 hours to create.  The hourly rate to create a custom tribute is $15 per hour.  When the piece is complete, you will have a highly personalized tribute that honors your loved one who has passed away and expresses the priceless memories that you’ll always treasure.   (Most tributes cost between $60-$125 US dollars to create.)  You will also own the copyright to the custom-created tribute and may reproduce it as much as you would like, or in any format that you would like.



To begin the process for creating a custom tribute, send your contact information to:

Please include your name, email address, and home and mobile phone numbers so that the author can contact you. 





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